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GridLogik is a firm that provides a unique location-based advertising platform within the context of GPS-requisite services, initially in the form of mobile and web applications. These online platforms offer not only mobile application services but also a unique take on tangible promotional campaigns.

GridLogik will provide a series services both for the consumer and commercial markets.

First, Gridlogik will offer online and mobile application platforms that will allow the consumer to find the most accessible parking spaces through the use of the Parking Break mobile application. This application will algorithmically calcualte which nearby parking area has the highest probability of containing an empty parking space. This application will also provide the user with a profile of each available parking area, outlining that locations hours of operation, capacity, price, and other lot information. Through this application, GridLogik has created a mobile application that provides a completely unique parking assistance tool, giving the user with all necessary information to make the most efficient parking decision.

Second, GridLogik's Market Place application will provide access to a list of beneficial shopping deals in real time through the use of the GPS feature on the user’s smartphone. Once the user has reached their final travelling destination, Market Place will provide a list of all specials that are being currently offered by nearby businesses. The specials listed will only be for businesses located within a 2 mile radius, insuring the user that all specials they view are pertinent to their specific location.

Finally, GridLogik will provide a distinctive promotional tool for businesses in corporations. Through GridLogik's Cup Campaign service, companies are able to promote specific products or services to specific demographics through targeting specific local organizations. In return, these organizations receive personalized cups for free. By facilitating a mutually beneficial relationship between the companies and its potential consumers, the level of consumer satisfaction will increase thus leading to the increased effectiveness of each promotional campaign.

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Sony Entertainment

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Organizations TBD