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GridLogik's Parking Break mobile application will provide users with the perfect mixture of real-time parking assistance and information in the palm of their hands.

Parking Break allows users to use the GPS function on their smartphone to help them find the most convenient available parking space given their current location. Once the user clicks the “Find a Spot” button and the GPS determines the user’s location, the application will search for the closest parking areas with the highest probability of containing available spots. The application then places a pin on a digital map (we’ve chosen to use Google Maps), indicating locations of the parking lots/decks, as well as an arrow indicating the user’s location in real time. The application also employs a color-coding system denoting the probability of available parking in lots or sections of lots. 

Parking Break uses algorithmic calculations based on each parking lot's historical parking data, user-generated parking data, and the time of day to determine which lots are most frequently empty or which lots have the shortest average park time per car. Through this information, Parking Break provides the user with the most useful data while locating a parking space. Unlike its competitors that attempt to pinpoint a specific open spot, Parking Break eliminates the frustration caused by finding a spot that you believed to be open had been taken by another driver.

Parking Break will also provide a detailed profile for each parking lot listed. By clicking on the specific lot, the user will be provided with a informational profile for that particular lot. This profile will detail the lot's hours of operation, hourly rate, total capacity, towing information, and the type of parking that is provided (ie deck, open spaces, covered spaces, etc).

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