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GridLogik was formed in May, 2012 by two UNC Chapel Hill students, Ben Theye and Matt Delafield. In the spring of 2012, Ben began to grow increasingly frustrated with the inefficiency he experienced when trying to locate a parking space during busy times. He had read about some of the new efforts by other entities that had began placing sensors in each individual parking space to specifically identify parking availability. However, Ben saw several flaws in these business models and began shaping the idea for GridLogik. Having been friends since childhood, Ben asked Matt to join in shaping this venture. The two began shaping the concept of the parking assist mobile application. Ben and Matt also saw an opportunity to improve the relevancy of advertisements that users see when using their smartphone. Ben and Matthew believed that the two problems of both parking and relevant advertising could be solved through the creation of a unique and mautually beneficial online platform. This solution is GridLogik.

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