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Interested In Free Cups?

What organization or event wouldn't like to receive personalized cups for free?? That is the service that Cup Campaigns provides local organizations and events. Cup Campaigns is a unique promotion tool that benefits both the consumer and company being promoted.

Here is how it works....

Cup Campaigns works out a customized promotion deal with a company hoping to promote a new product, service, or feature. This feature is prominently printed by Cup Campaigns on the cup.

At the same time, Cup Campaigns coordinates demand with participating organizatins or clubs to ensure that each organization is provided with enough cups. Each organization will have their logo or name printed on the cup as well.

The cups bearing both the promotional image as well as the organizaion's logo are delivered to the respective organizations once printing is complete.

This service is mutually benefiticial. The organizations receive personalized free cups and the companies are able to promote their new product or service to a very targeted demographic, thus increasing their marketing efficiency.

Partnering Organizations


Cup Campaigns:

Sony Entertainment

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Organizations TBD