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Our Services

Grid Logik provides both businesses as well as consumers with useful services.

For the Consumer:

  • A real-time parking assistance platform, complete with all necessary information about each parking location.
  • Geographically relevant and useful promotional deals from retail, restaurants, services, and more.
  • Free personalized cups for community organizations


For Businesses:

  • Location-based advertising to relevant consumers
  • Promotion of events, products, or services to specific demographics

Our Support

Our supporting organizations will be released at a later date.

GridLogik provides a unique and creatively rounded set of consumer and corporate services, including but not limited to parking assistance, advertising, and promotion. Please click on the links above for more information on each of our services or contact us directly under the "contact us" feature if any other questions arise.

Partnering Organizations


Cup Campaigns:

Sony Entertainment

Parking Break:

Organizations TBD


Organizations TBD